We are located at:

2474 36th (residence)
Los Alamos, NM 87544
505-695-7040 fax
office hours: 8- 5 pm weekdays
After Hours help is available on an emergency basis, $200 fee applies + regular hourly labor charges.

ECS was founded as an LLC in April 2008 by merging Pinon PC Support and ECS, both were sole proprietor companies.   Pinon PC Support was founded in October 1995 and already had a large clientele of families and small businesses in Los Alamos and Santa Fe.   ECS was founded in May 1999 and had acquired a small clientelle of local businesses in Los Alamos.  By merging the two companies, we were able to pool our resources, pursue state and national contracts as well as grow our customer base.

We currently have most of the medical practices in Los Alamos as our clients. 

Our strength is the design, implementation and support of the IT needs for a company.  This includes: remote secure access, backup strategies, purchasing, Exchange email systems with shared calendars, tasks and lists...

Our specialty is the support of medical offices.  We have experience supporting: Lytec, Amazing Charts, eClinical Works, and others.  We help clients to come into the electronic records keeping age, and assist those who need to expand the use of their management tools as their practice grows.

We also offer support for home and small business users.  Including wired and wireless networks, repeaters for extended wireless range, and remote access of home PCs. 

Recently an employee of ours completed the requirements of Mac Certified Tech.   This allows us to offer a high quality Apple maintence service.

Brady is MSCE certified. 

Here are the 2 Reel Deal movie ads we have had running in town at the local movie theatre.

February 2011

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